Self-Care for Depression

You can learn to manage your symptoms by looking after yourself. This therefore involves taking care of your diet, exercise, daily routine, relationships and how you are feeling.

Your diet

Our diet affects our physical health, so in the same way we look after our diets, the things we eat may affect our moods and mental health. Some ways to manage your diet include: 

Eating 3 times a day

Not skipping meals

Drinking at least 1 litre of water a day

Not having too much caffeine like tea, coffee and chocolate

Eating fruit, vegetables and whole grains

Sticking to the healthy alcohol units


Exercising regularly can help mood. Do something you enjoy as it’s more likely you will stick to it. So some suggestions could be:

Go for a walk




Play a sport


Play with the kids



Basically, any physical exercise that you love doing and that gives you a lift afterwards.

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