Causes of Depression

There is no singular cause, as different things in different people can be the trigger, but some causes could stem from:


Depression can run in families. This could be because it is passed down in your genes or your mother had depression when you were growing up.


Problems during your childhood may increase your chances of having depression, as bad experiences can lead to you thinking negatively about yourself or things around you. Stressful events, such as problems at home or work, relationship issues, financial problems, to name but a few, could increase the likelihood that you will suffer depression.


Having a balanced diet, exercising regularly, avoiding smoking and doing hobbies you enjoy can help your mental health.

Drugs & Alcohol

Both legal and illegal drugs can affect your mental health. If taking prescribed drugs, ensure you take them in the way suggested by your doctor. If you drink regularly or misuse alcohol, you have an increased risk of developing depression.

Other illnesses

Physical illness may make you feel low, but if you have a long-term or life-threatening illness, this may increase your likelihood of suffering depression. 

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