Only 1 out of 4 people in Northern Ireland suffering from a mental health issue are currently being treated.

Our Vision

TheĀ vision of SPORTSĀ is to create an environment where local sports clubs work collaboratively with each other and with local bodies in the mental health sector to support their members and the wider community in implementing mental health and wellbeing best practices and providing access to sport as a method of recovery from those suffering from mental health problems.

Our Member Clubs

What We Do


Offers support and information to local sports clubs in regards to mental health issues.

Support Partners

Provide support and information to help your club understand how to notice & help any of your members that may be suffering in silence.

Your Club

Information will be continuously offered in support for your club and your members.

Your Club Members

You will be able to direct your club members to the appropriate resources & support that they may require.

Support Partners

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    Welcome Pack

    The downloadable PDF below includes important information about our vision, process and team. This welcome pack will allow you to gain knowledge on the issues we are trying to resolve.