What we do

Our VISION at SPORTS is to create an environment where local sports clubs, along with Mental Health experts, work collaboratively to raise awareness and understanding of Mental Health difficulties.

By simply encouraging your members’ participation in sporting activities, you are already promoting their health and well-being, which is a vital step towards prevention.

Our aim is to help you further this by providing clubs with knowledge and awareness of mental health difficulties, offer training opportunities and provide vital service links to encourage early intervention and support. We also ensure to continue to promote the benefits of participation in sport and physical activities to aid the journey towards recovery.

We hope that you are willing to join us on what we are certain is going to be an incredible, much-needed journey for sporting teams within our Borough.

Our Process


Offers support and information to local sports clubs in regards to mental health issues.

Support Partners

Provide support and information to help your club understand how to notice & help any of your members that may be suffering in silence.

Your Club

Information will be continuously offered in support for your club and your members.

Your Club Members

You will be able to direct your club members to the appropriate resources & support that they may require.

How it works

Here shows the stages which are offered by SPORTS to ensure your club gains the appropriate training and material to deal with MH issues which may arise within your club.

At SPORTS we are dedicated to helping make these initial steps as easy for your club as possible. At each stage, we provide you with relevant resource material and support to empower you on your journey to better mental health practices. 

Join us

    Welcome Pack

    The downloadable PDF below includes important information about our vision, process and team. This welcome pack will allow you to gain knowledge on the issues we are trying to resolve.