Our Process

At SPORTS we are dedicated to helping make these initial steps as easy for your club as possible. At each stage, we provide you with relevant resource material and support to empower you on your journey to better mental health practices. 

Step 1

Agree as a club you want to tackle MH issues

Step 2

Contact SPORTS

Step 3

Tailor and Implement MH policy provided by sports

Step 4

Appoint MH sub-committee

Step 5

Formal launch of club MH policy

Step 6

Circulate contact details for MH experts

Step 7

Distribute links & support info provided by SPORTS to members

Step 8

Training for club’s MH sub-committee

Step 9

SPORTS MH workshops  aimed at club members

Step 10

Regular review of MH policy and continued support to members

Welcome Pack

The downloadable PDF below includes important information about our vision, process and team. This welcome pack will allow you to gain knowledge on the issues we are trying to resolve.